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Please do not share this page. This page is exclusively for clients of Scott Sharman Photography and may not be relevant to other brides, grooms or photographers.

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your lives. A day in which memories are made; memories which will be with you forever, memories which will be passed on for generations to come. 

I would like to thank you again for allowing me the privilege of being able to share your special day with you and capture your treasured moments.

Within this page you will find vital information regarding your photography package; information for before your wedding day, during and after. This information will help you to get both the day and the photographic memories you dream of.

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What Happens Now?

So, you’ve booked your wedding photography package; but your wedding is a little while off yet. You get home and now you wonder happens next...

Firstly you will receive your Wedding Photography Booking Confirmation. This is an email which contains a document. The first page shows all of the relevant details which you supplied during your consultation the following pages show the agreement. Don’t worry if some of these fields contain ‘TBC’, this just means that the information wasn’t known at the time of your initial consultation.  This information can be passed on to me as soon as you know it.

If this document contains any incorrect information, please let me know as soon as possible so this can be rectified. Preferably, you should inform me of any errors by phone. I can be contacted by calling either 01782 595138 or 07729 633499.

At this point I would recommend that if you are on any social networking sites, then to add me to them. This way you can keep up with my activities and keep up to date with any special offers I may have.

Pre-Wedding Meeting

Your pre-wedding meeting should take place approximately 14 days prior to your wedding day. It is your responsibility to book this in with me, so the sooner the better to avoid disappointment; as I may already have appointments in for the date you want. These appointment, like all other appointments are made online, here's the link you'll need to schedule your Final Meeting via:

The pre-wedding meeting is our time to go over the final and finer details of your wedding day, it is where I will explain how you'll be positioned, how to hold your bouquet etc.


Bridal Preparation

I will arrive at the time we have previously arranged (possibly earlier). During bride preparation please mention any sentimental items you have and would like me to capture, for example a brooch or an old family photograph as these are an important part of your day but will be very difficult for myself to notice. For ease of flow and to take the stress off your day make sure your dress is ready prior to my arrival; this is just to ensure we make the most of the time we have available and that you get the best photographs possible for your special day. 

The room you are getting ready in; you don’t want to be tidying up the room as we are taking the photographs, make sure there isn’t any clutter in the background. So ensuring this is all done prior to my arrival allows you to get the maximum amount of photographs possible in the time available.

If you're getting ready at a location separate from your venue (your home, parents, hotel etc) I will need to travel to meet the groom at the church/venue before the ceremony. I will be meeting the groom 45 minutes before the ceremony, with this in mind we'll need to work out a time which I need to leave you and head out to the groom. As an example, if your ceremony is at 1pm, I will be meeting the groom at 12:15pm, if the travelling time from bride preparation to the church is 30 minutes I would need to leave at 11:45. Before leaving I will need to capture the bride in the wedding dress along with the detail shots such as the perfume, final touches up, portraits etc all of these images take roughly 15-25 minutes so a time needs to calculated to be start putting on the wedding dress on.

Groom & Groomsmen

I will meet the groom 45 minutes prior to the ceremony at your chosen church or venue.  Due to timings on the day it is imperative that the groom and the groomsmen are together for this time and completely ready to go.

Bride Arrival

If you're arriving at your ceremony location in a wedding car I will be waiting for you by the designated entrance. Please remain in the car with your parent or whom ever you've chosen to be with you as I will need to capture this image. If you are arriving in the same car as your bridesmaids you may want to arrange the seating so they can exit the car easily without running the risk of treading on or pulling your wedding dress.

If we have time we'll capture a few images with the car prior to making your way into the ceremony. This shot is time, venue and weather conditions dependant.

Your Wedding Venue

If you are having a church ceremony, you may need to speak to the church prior to the day to see if they allow photographs to be taken inside, as some churches don’t allow this. If allowed, I will be standing at the rear of the church taking the photographs as this allows better angles in the church environment and doesn’t interfere with the religious ceremony.

If you are having a civil ceremony then I will usually stand to the right of the registrar (from your perspective).

If I am unfamiliar with your chosen church/venue I will liaise with the event coordinator.

Signing of the Register

The photographs I take will be using a dummy register supplied by the registrar or reverend, following the signing of the official one. As this is a important and traditional photograph it is important that we capture it correctly and efficiently. So, squeeze in together and smile. Don't worry if you're unsure how to pose for this image, I'll quickly show you on the day.

After I have taken the official photograph your registrar or reverend will invite your guests to take photographs.

Traditional & Formal Photographs

These will be taken immediately following the ceremony. The Group photograph is taken first, as guests often get bored very quickly. These will be shortly followed by the formal photographs with your bridal party, parents etc.

Once these photographs have been captured, you will then be asked if there are any more photographs you wish to have (grand-parents, siblings, friends etc). It's important that we do these images in the same location and moments after the traditional photographs to keep constancy through-out your photographs and wedding album.

Bride & Groom Portraits

These are the images you'll want to frame, display and cherish forever.

I'll make a start on your portraits before your wedding breakfast immediately after the traditional photographs. If your chosen wedding package is Silver we may need to work relevantly quickly as I will be leaving you after your wedding speeches so we'll need to capture as much as possible before you're called in for your wedding breakfast.

If your chosen wedding package is Gold we can relax a little as I can capture more images after your wedding breakfast whilst we are waiting for your evening guests to arrive. 

These images are dependant on your venue, location, weather and lighting conditions. There may be a moment when the conditions are perfect, such as a sunset etc. I will never interrupt formal proceedings but I will approach you whilst you are chatting to guests, I'll explain that there maybe an opportunity for a photograph. If you'd like to take advantage of the conditions it is imperative that we move quickly as weather and lighting conditions can change within minutes.


Cutting of the Cake

This is usually a staged photograph so you won't actually be cutting the cake, which is done prior to the wedding breakfast; again this is to ensure you get a photograph without any interruptions or obstacles.

Speeches & Guests

During the wedding breakfast and the speeches I am usually hovering around taking photographs.This allows your photographs to be more natural and of a relaxed atmosphere.

For speeches I will be taking photographs from a suitable distance, not distracting the members of your wedding who will be speaking. 

If it is at all possible I would like to know of any props or opportunities which may happen during speeches. Please liaise with the people who are speaking and ask them to inform me privately on the day so the surprise isn't spoilt.

Use of phone or tablet for your speech; This can look terrible on photographs, it can look like the speaker is just looking at his phone, reading a text etc. Best option is traditional paper, it looks great and gives meaning to the image. 

First Dance

I may recommend the best place for you to stand during your first dance, purely to ensure you have the best opportunity for your photographs. 

If you're having a Father & Daughter dance please inform me on the day and if this dance is scheduled immediately after your first dance I will stay and capture it for you.

After your Big Day

Your wedding gallery will be emailed to you with 14 days (30 days during peak season). This gallery is sharable with friends and family or even social media. Before sharing there is an option to hide photographs which you may not like to be public. Further instructions on how your gallery functions will be sent out with the link.


I hope that this information has been of help to you in the lead up to your special day. I want you to have the best images achievable to cherish for many years to come. I am passionate about getting your wedding day just right for you, and hopefully to relieve some of the stress which inevitably comes with a day of such stature. 

If there is anything further you wish to know or that I can help with between now and your big day, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy Planning