Wedding album tutorial

The following page explains how to design and submit comments on your wedding album. If you've chosen a album with a photo-cover this cover design will be sent to you on a separate email.


1. I would suggest you open two browser windows, one containing your album design and the other showing your online gallery. This will make it really easy to find the relevant image numbers if you'd like to make a change to your album.

There are two options to log in, as Yourself or as a Guest. Feel free to share your album design with friends/family but ensure that they access your album design as 'Guest'.

2. Your album is displayed along with a few simple buttons. To turn each page click the < or > arrows shown at the end of each page.


3. Making revisions is simple, simply comment on each individual page below the page using the relevant image numbers from your secure gallery (other browser window).

When you've wrote your comment click Submit and the comment will be added to your album and I will receive a notifaction.


4. Once I have completed your revisions you'll receive an email notification letting you know the requested changes have been completed.

5. Once you're 100% happy with your album design simply click 'Approve Album'.


Feel free to contact me :)