Client Gallery Release


Thanks again for sharing your special day with me! I had an incredible time photographing the two of you, and I am very excited to share the photos with you!

If you have time I would love to hear your feedback, if you would like to submit a testimonial this can be done via the following page:

Important Information

Your wedding photo image disk is ready for collection.

To make arrangements to collect your CD and/or make an appointment to view various album designs please call 01782 595138 during office hours, Mon-Fri 9-6.

Name (Please use maiden name) *
Name (Please use maiden name)
Your photographs may look different on your viewing screen. *
Each photograph has been professional colour balanced on a calibrated screen to ensure perfect colour reproduction. This may not be apparent on your screen.
Quantity of supplied photographs. *
I have supplied a large selection photographs from each section of your day. This will enable us to have a larger choice of images which will be used in your album.
Detail photographs. *
Your gallery contains certain detailed photographs from your day. These images are used within your album, shown in the relevant page/section.
Hiding photographs. *
If you require certain images to be hidden before sharing your gallery with friends and family please contact me with the relevant image numbers (shown below each photograph)
Sharing your photographs. *
Your gallery is accessible by anyone you share the link with. Your photographs are licensed/copyrighted for personal use only. If you’d like to supply any of your wedding suppliers photographs please contact myself prior to doing so.
Sharing on social media. *
Your photo CD includes both full size and web ready images. These web ready images have been preformted for use on most social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. When sharing your wedding photographs on these platforms please use the photographs contained in the Web Ready folder of your CD without applying any filters or editing.
Ordering prints and other products. *
Prints can be purchased directly from your gallery. These are shipped direct the purchasers address. If you've shared your gallery with friends and family (recommended) they'll also be able to order prints these are also shipped directly to them.